Viscount Intelligent Building Security
Viscount Systems Inc. Viscount Systems Inc. has been designing security systems since 1969. Viscount's products have been installed in approximately 35,000 sites in over 30 countries including multi-family highrises, schools, prisons, hospitals, and corporate offices. Viscount’s MESH™ is a building security technology that uses standard IT infrastructure to eliminate the cost of conventional "door control panels” and proprietary cabling with up to 200 readers running off a single server. With MESH™, global networks of users and readers (Biometrics, RFID, Smart Card) can be managed as a single database.   MESH™ is a comprehensive building security platform featuring MESH™ EPX building intercom systems, MESH™ touch screen door entry systems, MESHView™ digital video management, and MESH™ building directories. NEW Freedom Encryption Bridge   NEW  Facility Friend Visitor Management and Photo Badging MESH Facility Friend is the newest web based software application for the MESH family of products. Facility Friend is a web based application allowing unlimited numbers of corporate locations to be linked for comprehensive facility management including photo badging and visitor management. The system includes support for a number of ID scanners for simplified enrollment and tracking. Individualized passwords allow users to pre-register visitors including expected arrival and departure times. Facility friend allows management to add a range of user defined database fields to track vehicles, packages, lost and found, incident reporting, and banned visitor lists. Customized self-enrollment kiosks can also be included as part of a comprehensive Facility Friend package.
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