Honeywell Total Connect
®  2.0
Smart Solutions
Honeywell Total Connect ®  2.0 Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services lets your customers stay in the know wherever they go. With the tap of a finger, our app lets them control their security systems, receive text messages and email alerts—even view live video, locate vehicles or assets*, control thermostats, lighting and locks—anytime, anywhere on iPhone ® , iPad ®  or Android™ devices. It’s packed with features that help you deliver a great user experience, earn more RMR and capture new accounts from the industry’s only true, end-to-end security and remote services platform.
•  Dynamic, Intuitive Interface •  Interactive Security •  Smart Scenes with Wizard •  Video Viewing and Awareness •  Video Alarm Verification (VAV) •  Test Drive Demo for iOS and Android •  Auto Syncing for LYNX Touch** •  Growing Ecosystem •  Secure Login with Touch ID™ for iOS •  Works with Apple Watch ® •  GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking* •  100+ Locations Per Account
  *GPS tracking services available to United States customers only. **Auto Syncing available on LYNX Touch 7000, 5210 and 5100 models.
Honeywell Total Connect ®  Toolk it Created just for you, our online toolkit can help you grow  your business with Honeywell Total Connect. It’s the best  way to keep up with the latest news, download collateral,  videos, high-resolution images, social media graphics  and more—and it’s absolutely free. Visit it regularly and take advantage of these dynamic tools to help boost  your sales, marketing and training efforts.
Security •  Easy, app-based security system control  •  Works with LYNX Touch and VISTA™ platforms •  Common GUI across all platforms simplifies operation, reduces training  and delivers a great user experience •  Provides true system status and  real-time control •  Keypad, status and zones available  at a glance •  Available in Latin American Spanish, French Canadian, Brazilian Portuguese and English
Test Drive Demo •  Provides simulated “live” experience  right on a user’s iPhone ® , iPad ®  or Android™ smart device anytime,  anywhere—without the need for   Wi-Fi ®  or cellular connectivity •  Great way to showcase the benefits  of Honeywell Total Connect ®  Remote Services to prospective customers •  Contains Tool Tips—informative pop-ups that accompany and explain each and every feature •  Apps available in Apple ®  iTunes ®  App Store and Google Play™ Store
Interactive Free Demo Right from  the App
Free Mobile Apps Honeywell Total Connect ®  Remote  Services works with iOS and Android™ devices for easy, on-the-go control. Your customers can securely log into their accounts with Touch ID™— a fingerprint recognition feature available for iPhone ®   and iPad ®  users.*
Apple Watch ® The app is accessible on  the Apple Watch, letting  users control their security  systems on the go, keep tabs on multiple locations—even  activate Z-Wave ®  Smart  Scenes upon arm or disarm.
* Touch ID supported on iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, iPad Air2 and above and iPad mini 3. Supports iOS 8. Subscribers can download the iPhone and iPad apps from the iTunes ®  App Store. The Android app is available in the Google Play Store. iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc.
Real-Time Awareness Honeywell Total Connect keeps your customers in the know wherever  they go—providing important email  notifications, texts and video alerts in  real time. They can view history and  search for specific events, know when  a child gets home from school, know  when employees come and go and more.
Smart Scenes Smart Scene set-up with a wizard guides your customers through scene set-up  for energy savings, ambience and  convenience step-by-step—providing  a great user experience and helping them make the most of their connected homes  and businesses.
Automation and  Energy Management  •  Great way to help your customers  stay comfortable, save money on  their energy and utility bills, conserve resources and live more comfortable, efficient lifestyles •  Users can remotely control locks  and   grant   access   to   employees,     service   workers,   babysitters   and relatives anytime •  Track activity and receive email alerts when the temperature changes, the lights go on, the doors unlock and more
Since today’s consumers want comfort, convenience and awareness 24/7, a remote services platform that works with the latest connected  home devices is a must. Part of a dynamic, expanding ecosystem, Honeywell Total Connect ®  leverages our engagement with all of the leading smart home players and emerging standards—growing with your customers’ lifestyles while growing your bottom line.
Expanding Our Ecosystem
Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi ®  and RedLINK   Connected Thermostats We provide seamless support for Honeywell’s  Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi and RedLINK Connected thermostats*. It’s a great way  to expand your offering beyond Z-Wave ®   thermostats—providing a variety of options  to meet a wide range of tastes and budgets. Your customers can manage home comfort right on the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0  app on their iOS devices. Choose from thermostats that feature:    High-definition, full-color displays that  can be changed to match any décor    Voice control    Humidity and ventilation control    Models with seven-day programming    Dual-fuel compatibility
* Automation services must be enabled for Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services  in order to add Total Connect Comfort Wi-Fi or RedLINK connected thermostats.
SkyBell ®  Video Doorbell Have you heard the buzz? SkyBell is a high-definition video doorbell that puts security, convenience and control at your customers’ fingertips anytime, anywhere. They can remotely check doorbell activity on the Honeywell Total Connect ®  app,  and see, hear and speak to visitors at their doors from their iPhone ®  or iPad ®  via the SkyBell HD app. •  Events can be categorized by motion, button press or user watching •  Excellent opportunity to grow your  RMR with SkyBell hardware sales and Honeywell Total Connect subscriptions •  Homeowners can view visitors at night  in full-color HD •  Silent mode lets users turn off their  indoor chime and receive notification  on their iOS devices •  SkyBell app opens right from the  Honeywell Total Connect app •  Built to withstand the harshest outdoor climates, with a temperature range of -40ºF to 140ºF (-40ºC to 60ºC)
August Smart Lock ® Honeywell Total Connect ®  Remote Services  works with the popular August Smart  Lock—letting homeowners lock and unlock  their doors via the Honeywell Total Connect  app on their iPhone ®  or iPad ®  devices.  It’s a fast, easy and efficient way to add smart lock capability to existing home automation systems and expand your connected home offering.  •  Installs easily on the inside of customers’ doors and uses existing deadbolts •  Preserve aesthetics of existing front door, with the ability to use traditional keys •  Excellent opportunity to grow your  RMR with August Lock hardware  sales and Honeywell Total Connect automation subscriptions •  Compatible with most standard single cylinder deadbolts •  Works with Bluetooth ®  technology  and requires August Connect Wi-Fi ®   bridge for integration with Honeywell  Total Connect
Honeywell Total Connect ®   Video Solutions  •     Keep   your   customers   connected   with event-driven   video   alerts,   notifications     and the ability to look in on their  homes, families and businesses anytime,   anywhere, on an iPhone ® , iPad ®   or Android™ device •  Sell more hardware by adding up to  six cameras per account, including iPCAM-WL low-light cameras for added security in dark indoor environments •  Secure communications, firewall-friendly video streaming and web-based camera configuration •  Attractive, easy-to-use interface with customizable multiple images, sizing capability, streaming views and pan/tilt control •  Can be sold as a standalone offering  or with security for a solution that is absolutely unmatched—all from one seamless, integrated platform •  Stores up to 100MB of video clips
Tuxedo Touch  Wi-Fi ®    Rev & greater
Honeywell  Total Connect 2.0
Honeywell  Total Connect 1.0
LYNX Touch Systems  Rev 7.00.657 & greater
4 4 Compatible    X Not compatible
Adobe ®  Flash Player-based application and  QuickTime ®  video player are required for application.
Pictured left to right: Video with and without pre-alarm footage. The difference is  clear!
Compatible with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services and IP camera portfolio and HRGX DVRs.
Video Alarm Verification  (VAV)  Set your sights on fewer false alarms  and greater RMR with Honeywell Total Connect ®  Remote Services and I-View Now™. Central stations can access  video clips and pre-alarm footage while end-users stay in the know on their everyday smart devices. Get the picture? •  Boost your RMR and grow your business with solutions that meet every budget, lifestyle and need •  Capture new business in the fast growing segment of local municipalities that mandate video alarm verification before dispatch •  Provide a great user experience by enhancing security and peace of mind— helping to create satisfied, long-term customers, reduce attrition and drive more opportunities •  Add more value to the Honeywell  Total Connect IP camera portfolio
Contact your central   station today to make sure you’re I-View Now ready.   To learn more, visit
•  Great solution for tracking the where- abouts of teenage and elderly drivers •  Ideal for service vehicles, company vehicles, transportation services,  delivery services and more •  Excellent for construction equipment, trailers, shipping containers, generators, boats and jet skis
GPS Vehicle and  Asset Tracking Honeywell Total Connect ®  Tracking  Services* can put your business on the map—helping you reach new markets, retain your accounts and drive more  RMR. It puts real-time location information, alerts and updates at your customers’ fingertips—a great way to keep tabs on family members and employees, know if speed limits or predetermined geographic  boundaries have been exceeded or recover lost or stolen valuables. It’s great as a standalone offering or when combined  with video, energy management and security for a full-featured remote services solution that is absolutely unmatched—all from one seamless, integrated platform.
  * GPS tracking services available  to United States customers only.