Pictured left to right: Video with and without pre-alarm footage. The difference is  clear!
Compatible with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 Remote Services and IP camera portfolio and HRGX DVRs.
Video Alarm Verification  (VAV)  Set your sights on fewer false alarms  and greater RMR with Honeywell Total Connect ®  Remote Services and I-View Now™. Central stations can access  video clips and pre-alarm footage while end-users stay in the know on their everyday smart devices. Get the picture? •  Boost your RMR and grow your business with solutions that meet every budget, lifestyle and need •  Capture new business in the fast growing segment of local municipalities that mandate video alarm verification before dispatch •  Provide a great user experience by enhancing security and peace of mind— helping to create satisfied, long-term customers, reduce attrition and drive more opportunities •  Add more value to the Honeywell  Total Connect IP camera portfolio
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